The Association was established on the 7th February 2005 in Fisherwick Church Hall.


The name of the Association shall be Old Stranmillis (Road) Residents Association hereinafter referred to as the Association.

The objectives of the Association shall be:

1. To promote the benefit of the residents encompassed within the area of Bladon Drive and the Old Stranmillis Road. This embraces the area from the roundabout at Stranmillis College, Lockview Road and surrounding streets extending to include the developments at Cutters Lane and Laganvale and them extending along the Sharman Road and the boundary of the Lagan Meadows and them extending to and along Bladon Drive but not including Bladon Drive (as it has its own Residents Association) this being the boundary on the South side. All those houses running down the Malone Road from Bladon Drive to the Stranmillis Road are also included in the boundary. The new development at Danesfort is also included.

2. To act without distinction of age, sex, race, disability, dependency, political, religious or other opinion.

3. To work in partnership with statutory bodies, voluntary agencies and businesses in a common effort to advance community well-being.

4. To encourage the exchange of views in relation to planning proposals, environmental and other matters affecting the residents and thus ensuring the best possible provision of public services.

5. To create an inclusive, caring and responsible community.

6. To create a safe environment where children can play and all residents can live in peace.

7. To promote a safer community in helping to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.

8. To be as transparent and publicly accountable as possible, within our means, at all times.


Membership is open to any person over 18 years of age who lives in any of the houses, flats or apartments in the area defined in objective above and who is committed to the objectives values and ground rules of the Association. Each household shall have one vote.


Affiliated membership is open to businesses located in the area.


The residents shall elect from among its members a Committee of not less than five (5) persons from which five (5) shall be nominated by the Committee as Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer. These shall be of honorary status and shall hold office for one year. All can stand again at the AGM for re-election. The committee shall have power of co-option where deemed necessary.


1. Full and affiliated membership shall be £5.00 per annum per household.

2. Funds shall be spent only in pursuit of the objectives as determined by the members of the Association.

3. The Treasurer shall keep proper audited accounts that shall be presented to the members of the Association at the AGM.

4. The Chairperson and/or Secretary must be consulted for any expenditure exceeding £30 with two (2) signatures required for any transactions.


1. Minutes shall be recorded at all meetings

2. A quorum of the Association’s Committee shall be five (5) persons serving on the Committee and who all must be full members.

3. Decisions shall be determined by a simple majority vote. When votes are even the Chairperson will have a casting vote.

4. The AGM will be held within fifteen (15) months of previous AGM when amendments of the Constitution made in writing may be voted upon.

5. Meetings shall be held monthly or as required.


If the members by a simple majority vote recommend the dissolution of the Association, four (4) weeks notice must be given to all full and affiliated members of the date of convening a meeting for its dissolution. If by a simple majority it is agreed to dissolve the Association then all assets may be disposed of and given to another association or group with similar objectives.


  • Name of Association amended at AGM held on 23rd February 2017 to include (Road)

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